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Empower YOUth Retreats

The mission of the Empower YOUth program is to teach our children how to love themselves from the inside out to help combat issues such as: childhood obesity, bullying, teen suicide, & the drug epidemic. The program is meant to empower the children by giving them the confidence to manage stress and take control of their mindset in order to thrive. The program embraces yoga, meditation, positive self-talk, gratitude, kindness, and activities that promote creativity & help push the children outside their comfort zone, and the power of nature to better ones mind, body, & soul.

Consider sponsoring a child for a retreat.  We collaborate with teachers, counselors, coaches, and parents to determine those children in need that we know will greatly benefit from the program. Our 2 day summer retreats are $75 for 6 hours, and the 1 day winter retreats are $45 for 3 hours.  

Empower Uganda YOUth

$39 a month will provide an orphaned or impoverished child…

Tuition to Attend School

A Uniform

School Supplies

A Meal

Basic Necessities for a Conducive Learning Environment 

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