Team TCF

Tammy L Craig

Founder/Lead Fundraiser

Tammy is a certified life coach, Empower YOUth leader, a small business entrepreneur, and taught in the public school system for 7 yrs.  Tammy is passionate about wanting to help others lead their best possible life as whole beings:  mind, body, and spirit.  Tammy has been actively engaged in Yisa's dream of wanting to build a school for the TCF Orphanage, and believes in the power of an education.  Tammy spearheaded and has taken on lead fundraiser for this project.

Brendan O'Connor

Project Manager of Construction
Brendan OConnor.jpg

Brendan is an operating partner of Johnson Restoration, and has 15 years experience handling insurance claims and losses on residential and commercial properties.  He is a team member of "Partners for Belize 2019" in which his small construction crew  built a home for a family in need in 5 days.  Brendan is now leading the project management for the construction of the school building for the TCF Orphanage.  

Fr. Dismas, AJ

Yisa Isa Decent

Founder/Director of TCF Orphanage
Yisa Yiga.jpg

Yisa is committed to helping the orphaned and vulnerable children in the Uganda streets by giving them the opportunity for a better life.  Yisa himself was a child of the streets and knows what these children endure.  Yisa was given hope through education, and his dream is to provide the children of the Tusuubira Chilren Foundation with such educational opportunites by building them a school.  

Lisa Zieminick

Lisa Zieminick.jpg

Lisa is a mother of 4 grown children, a radiologist technologist currently pursuing further education in Integrated Social Science, and a volunteer for various humanitarian projects and community organizations.  Lisa has been working closely with Yisa to determine the logistics and budget for each of the phases of this project.


Ugandan Liaison

Fr. Dismas was borned and raised in Kabale, Uganda.  He has resided in Akron, OH the past 10 years, and he is currently a priest chaplain at Summa Health at Akron City Hospital.  Fr. Dismas still visits his homeland of Uganda several times a year.  He is a liaison for team TCF, and helping with communication between the two countries.  

Justina Kline

Mike Hose